Skniper – Beanie Knitting Pattern

True to the motto: „Make assurance double sure and double warm! This hat is a real eye-catcher

Actually done! My first beanie knitting pattern goes online. I am looking forward for so long to present you my work and now it is really happening!

Get now the beanie knitting pattern

Pictures: Skniper – gallery of a knitted beanie

My first project is a cap with the name ‚Skniper‘. It is suitable for both women and men (therefore unisex) and keeps double warm because of the doubled cuff!

I would classify the pattern for intermediate, since it is more complex than I thought.
You may wonder where I get the source of inspiration?

Quite simple. I’m sure 90% of knitters do it all the time. You walk through a store and IT appears! You walk past the shop window and IT appears! You walk around the christmas market and IT appears!

THIS beanie that you fell in love with. Quickly get a picture of it so that the inspiration is never lost. And so I came up with the idea to search the internet for fashionable hats. And this is the way I found my inspiration 🙂

Buy or DIY?

Vergleich einer industriell gefertigen Barts-Mütze mit einer selbst gestrickten. In this case I found a good one on Amazon. A great and modern beanie made by the brand ‚Barts‘. If you prefer to purchase the beanie, you can click on the image.

Of course I have not taken this cap one to one, but gave it ’sknitters highlights‘. In this case it was the double cuff with an elastic in it for better grip.

The colors can of course be varied and adapted according to your wishes. And did you know that this cap can be knitted with a circular knitting needle? Save your money and knit all projects with the ‚Magic Loop‘ and circular knitting needles.

Did you already replicate this beanie? Then post your pictures in the comments below. I look forward to your feedback and any suggestions.

Alexandra (aka ‚First Sknitter‘)

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