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Stirnband häkeln mit neuem Muster. Super schön und super dehnbar für den perfekten Halt. Tunesische Häkeltechnik.

How to Crochet a Headband / Hairband

Whatever you want to call it … hairband or headband. I’m fine with each name for this lovely DIY headband. Do you want to crochet a headband, that fits in every season of the year? Then you need to getWeiterlesen

Eine Granny Square Anleitung für schnelles und einfaches Nachhäkeln.

Granny Square Pattern made with HDC Stitch

A Granny Square pattern for the simplest pupluar square of quadrangle art. Unusually, I use the half double crochet stitch for it. The most common format in the world of crocheters. The Granny Square. So many great variations to keepWeiterlesen

Mütze stricken mit verkürzten Reihen und doppeltem Bund.

Skniper – Beanie Knitting Pattern

True to the motto: „Make assurance double sure and double warm! This hat is a real eye-catcher Actually done! My first beanie knitting pattern goes online. I am looking forward for so long to present you my work and nowWeiterlesen

Knit Bow Ring Tutorial. Eine Anleitung für einen gestrickten Ring mit Schleife.

Cute present idea: Knitted ring!

WHAT a great knitting ring I could find on the internet! The sweet little bow is playful and romantic. With your desired color this little accessory matches any outfit and gets people’s attention. A lucky find! You will not findWeiterlesen