Cute present idea: Knitted ring!

WHAT a great knitting ring I could find on the internet! The sweet little bow is playful and romantic. With your desired color this little accessory matches any outfit and gets people’s attention.

A lucky find! You will not find such an eyecatcher every day!

#Cutenessoverload. Knit a incredibly sweet ring

Sweet knitted ring with a bow. Pattern for this knitted ring is shown below.

Actually I did trip over this chic knitted ring on under the category ‚accessories‘. However, the pattern is published on a private blog of Meredith Crawford named ‚onesheepishgirl‘. A blog created with great attention to details.

    Original Pattern ‚Knit Bow Ring Tutorial‘

Link to the original pattern: ‚Onesheepishgirl Tutorial‚. The blogger has uploaded a very detailed pattern with many pictures.

My personal changes of the knitted ring

Would you like to knit the little accessory, as can be seen in my pictures, you must consider only the following modifications:

  1. The wool: I used a wool of Lana Grossa „Newsoft“ in color red (4801). 50g = 85m. 70% cotton and 30% microfiber. But this ring can be knitted with any wool.
  2. Length: I was not oriented by 15 rows, but knitted as long as I had an overall length of 8 cm.
  3. Sweet diy ring. Handmade and knitted like a bow.
    In the direction of the arrows wrap multiple times.

    Wrap: After having repeatedly wrapped the long tail vertically around the center, I wrapped the tail also horizontally through the existing wraps (directions marked in the picture)

  4. Finishing: At the end I have attached the bow with glue on the ring. You can also wrap the long tail several times around the ring and your bow, so that the metal part of the ring can no longer be seen.

Have fun and feel free to replicate this ring and post the pictures in the comments below. I look forward to your projects.

Alexandra (aka First Sknitter)

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